Top 10 Painting Contractors in the Country

This is a list of the highest-rated top 10 painting contractors, based on user reviews.
The rankings are based on Google-verified online reviews and the overall star rating for the business.


Based on Google Reviews

We use Google reviews, because we know that they are submitted by verified users. This also means that the credibility is higher than many other platforms. Negative reviews cannot be hidden by the business owner.

Must Have a 4.7+ Star Rating Overall

We feel that this is pretty generous. If a business is below a 4.7 star rating, they likely are not responding to negative reviews and reconciling customer issues. So we like to see businesses closer to 4.9 stars to show consistency.

Must Represent a Specific Location

While national chains or companies with multiple locations can be eligible, we don’t allow large headquarters of businesses to be on the list. Their reviews do not necessarily represent their presence in their local community, which we think is important.

1. Webfoot Painting – Bend, OR

Webfoot Painting was founded in 2004 in Bend, OR and is a powerhouse in the Pacific Northwest. After over 17 years of business, they have only one (yes, you heard that right, ONE) 1-star review. Their exceptional customer service and communication is why they frequently get reviews that rave about their company.

2. Fitzpatrick Painting – Albany, OR

Fitzpatrick Painting has been servicing the Willamette Valley since 1994! They specialize in house repaints, interior and exterior, commercial buildings, new construction, historical buildings, and many other services. In their own words on their website, “we work to deliver honesty and integrity foremost in all our business practices and an unwavering commitment to quality and attention to the smallest detail.”

3. Nolan Painting Inc – Havertown, PA

Nolan Painting Inc of Havertown, PA does not mess around when it comes to getting 5-star reviews. They are a dominant presence as a family-owned business. There is no doubt that they take care of their customers.

4. Five Star Painting of Dallas – Wylie, TX

Five Star Painting of Dallas states that their promise is to be Clean, On Time, and On Budget. And many of their reviews represent that they live up to that promise!

5. JB Painters NY – New York City, NY

JB Painters NY have accomplished the difficult feat of maintaining a 5.0 star rating, while also having a high quantity of reviews. Very impressive!

6. Crash of Rhinos Painting – Phoenix, AZ

Crash of Rhinos Painting is just barely behind our #3, and also has a 5.0 star rating! Their reviews frequently mention their excellent work with Stucco houses and other difficult projects.

7. Textbook Painting – Lakewood, OH

Textbook Painting states that they are “Near Cleveland” and have an impressive map of all of the projects they have done in the greater Metro area. They seem to cover a lot of ground, and have raving fans everywhere for their communication.

8. Sound Painting Solutions – Seattle, WA

Sound Painting Solutions is a Seattle-based company with, not only a lot of Google reviews, but a very strong presence on Yelp as well. They seem to have many positive reviews for responsiveness and their professionalism of their crews.

9. Paint Denver – Denver, CO

At Paint Denver, their stated mission is Painting, Passion, and Professionalism. And we can’t help but like a good alliteration to keep your whole team focused on creating a strong culture. At #7, they boast an impressive 4.9 star rating overall.

10. CertaPro Painters of Central & Northeast Houston, TX – Houston, TX

As a part of the CertaPro Painters national chain, this particular branch has made a name for themselves above the rest, with a much higher overall rating than the others in their chain. Speaking of names, theirs is definitely a mouthful, but worth remembering!

(Honorable Mention) All Los Angeles Painting Company Inc. – Los Angeles, CA

All Los Angeles Painting Company Inc. has a great reputation in the greater LA area. Specifically, many reviews call out Alan and his crew for their professional work and great team. It is unclear if Alan is the owner or the crew leader, but he and his team are clearly doing something right!

(Honorable Mention) Experience Dennis Moffitt Painting LLC – Wakefield, RI

As a family-owned painting company in Rhode Island, their focus is on people first. They put their team of skilled painters front and center on their website, so that you can feel confident in whom you invite into your house.

(Honorable Mention) ALLBRiGHT 1-800-PAINTING – Valencia, CA

As a family-owned painting company in Rhode Island, their focus is on people first. They put their team of skilled painters front and center on their website, so that you can feel confident in whom you invite into your house.

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