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This is a top ten list of the highest-rated painting contractors, based on user reviews. The rankings are based on Google-verifed online reviews and the overall star rating for the practice.

Top 10 Painting Contractors In The Country

1. Webfoot Painting – Bend, OR

Webfoot Painting was founded in 2004 in Bend, OR and is a powerhouse in the Pacific Northwest. After over 17 years of business, they have only one (yes, you heard that right, ONE) 1-star review. Their exceptional customer service and communication is why they frequently get reviews that rave about their company.

2. Vivax Pros – Denver, CO

Vivax Pros has been in business for over 16 years in Colorado, and while they have the highest quantity of reviews of any painter we have come across they have an abnormally high amount of 1-star reviews for our top 10 list. However, after digging into their reviews, it appears that nearly all of their 1-star reviews are from some aggressive door hanger campaigns from 3-4 years ago (interestingly enough). Reading the rest of their reviews, it is clear that their customers have nothing but positive things to say about this great business.

3 through 10. Coming Soon…

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