Top 10 Concrete Coatings in the Country

This is a list of the highest-rated top 10 concrete coating companies in the country, based on user reviews. The rankings are based on Google-verified online reviews and the overall star rating for the business.

1. Webfoot Concrete Coatings – Portland, OR

Webfoot Concrete Coatings has multiple locations on the top 10 list, with Portland coming in as their top reviewed. While they are a relatively new company, they have established a very strong presence in the Portland metro area.

2. Epoxy Technology Coatings E-TECH – Richmond, TX

This Texas company has multiple reviews highlighting their great team of installers. They also have a 5.0 star rating, which tells us that they are very serious about happy customers.

3. Granite Garage Floors Denver – Denver, CO

Granite Garage Floors Denver has a unique product designed to look like granite. They have many fans emphasizing the beauty of their finished product.

4. Webfoot Concrete Coatings – Boise, ID

As the second Webfoot location on the list, this Boise company is right on the tail of #3! They are also the only Idaho business featured in our top 10 lists this year.

5. GarageFloorCoating.Com – Phoenix, AZ

GarageFloorCoating.Com has made it easy to find them online. Their domain name is their business listing title. While thinking about online reputation, a 5.0 star rating also helps customers to find you with ease.

6. Webfoot Concrete Coatings – Bend, OR

Webfoot has rounded out their success with their third location on our list of top 10. Their website says that they are committed to creating raving fans. They seem to be able to do that!

7. Ninja Coatings – New Orleans, LA

Ninja Coatings offers a unique product on this list. Many of their reviews mention their customers’ satisfaction with a strong product and great warranty.

8. Integrity Concrete Coatings – Chicago, IL

Integrity Concrete Coatings has multiple locations, with their Chicago location demonstrating the strongest online presence. With a 5.0 star rating, it is tough to find anything negative in their customer reviews.

9. Top Coat Epoxy & Staining – San Antonio, TX

Top Coat Epoxy & Staining is just barely behind our #9 in total reviews. They have many specific crew members given shoutouts by name. That is always a sign of a job well done!

10. Top Epoxy Flooring – Los Angeles, CA

Top Epoxy Flooring is an LA-based company that states they are veteran-owned. Their reviews are also 5.0 star rating average!


Based on Google Reviews

We use Google reviews, because we know that they are submitted by verified users. This also means that the credibility is higher than many other platforms. Negative reviews cannot be hidden by the business owner.

Must Have a 4.7+ Star Rating Overall

We feel that this is pretty generous. If a business is below a 4.7 star rating, they likely are not responding to negative reviews and reconciling customer issues. So we like to see businesses closer to 4.9 stars to show consistency.

Must Represent a Specific Location

While national chains or companies with multiple locations can be eligible, we don’t allow large headquarters of businesses to be on the list. Their reviews do not necessarily represent their presence in their local community, which we think is important.

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