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In The Episode

Dr. Kirch and his, office manager, DeAnna, share their experience using The Boolean Review System, and share the process that they use to achieve success with generating patient feedback.

Questions Asked:

  • What has surprised you most since you started using Boolean?

  • What are your thoughts on the software not being fully-automated?

  • How do you utilize an iPad in the office with the Boolean Review System?

  • What are the keys to success for an office that is just starting to use Boolean?

  • Who on staff is in charge of asking for the reviews?

  • What about bad reviews? What do you do if you get a bad review?

  • What exactly do you say, and how do you ask patients for a review?

Consistency Is Key

Company Name: Sossaman Dental Health & Implant Center
Date: September 2018
Website: sossamandentalimplants.com

As of posting this Sossaman now has 76 Google Reviews. That is up 65 from where they started. Currently, they are averaging one new review per day!

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