On this episode, I interview Dr. Yogesh Patel, the owner of North Dallas Endodontics. He has developed a number of processes to keep his staff accountable when it comes to asking patients for their feedback.

In addition to owning North Dallas Endodontics, he also owns 12 other practices around the state of Texas. Collectively, his practices have received over 2,100 reviews on Google! This episode is a must listen if you are struggling with ways to get your staff involved and hold them accountable.

Questions Asked On This Episode

  1. How have reviews impacted your business? 
  2. When did reviews become a major area of focus for you?
  3. How do you keep your staff accountable to the review process that you put in place?
  4. We get calls all the time from offices that are just starting to focus on reviews? What advice do you have for an office that has barely any reviews?
  5. Do you worry about getting negative reviews?
  6. What tools, processes or software programs have been helpful in growing your online reviews?
  7. Who in your office responds to Negative reviews?
  8. Because you have multiple locations, do you have one person that oversees reviews and your online reputation?
  9. Do you have any advice to other dentists with regards to Yelp?

Dr. Patel’s Practice Locations in Texas:

  • North Dallas Endodontics
  • Endodontic Associates of Irving
  • Endodontic Associates of Carrollton
  • Endodontic Associates of Tarrant County
  • Endodontic Associates of Austin
  • Endodontic Associates of Dallas
  • Endodontic Associates of Frisco
  • Endodontic Associates of Plano
  • Endodontic Associates of Ft. Worth
  • Endodontic Associates of Arlington
  • Endodontic Associates of Houston
  • Just for Kids Dental in Duncanville, TX
  • Just Kids Dental in Dallas, TX

Contact Dr. Yogesh Patel

yogsdental at yahoo dot com