Dr. Kahng (or @joycethedentist as she is known on Instagram) has built a dental practice that’s modern, spa-like, and patient-focused, where the emphasis is on painless, comfortable care that improves the patient’s life. She’s particularly focused on working with patients who have dental-related anxiety.  Understanding that prior negative experiences can lead to a person avoiding care, and therefore needing intensive treatment to restore their oral health.


“I have only owned this practice for 4 years, and there is no way that I am going to be perfect or know every obstacle that comes my way. So I do need that feedback. But on the other hand, what Instagram does for me is it humanizes me as a dentist and a business owner to a lot of my followers, and as long as I come off genuine and I do want to do things better next time. People realize that I am learning, and they are not quite as hard on me.”

Joyce Kahng, DDS – Owner of Orange + Magnolia Dental Studio

“I would prefer to be on Yelp given that I get so many patients from Yelp, and I know how many people are on Yelp. Than to not be part of the platform and focus my money on more antiquated marketing.”

Joyce Kahng, DDS – Owner of Orange + Magnolia Dental Studio

Questions asked on this episode:

  1. How long ago did you begin the journey on instagram as @joycethedentist?
  2. What has surprised you most in the last year on Instagram?
  3. Have you had patients come to you specifically because of your Instagram?
  4. How long have reviews been an area of focus for you?
  5. What is the Yelp Elite Squad?
  6. Why do you think that some dentists lag reviews from patients?
  7. What advice would you give to a dentist that is afraid of getting a negative review?
  8. Why are reviews important for dentists today?
  9. How have reviews impacted your business?
  10. If you were placed into a new practice with no reviews, how would you go about setting up a system and training staff?
  11. What has worked and what has not worked for you when it comes to reviews?

Best Quotes On This Episode:

  • “I do realize that we are not for everyone, and that is okay.”
  • “I even had a patient say, You guys had a lot of good reviews; the bad ones you responded to, and that meant a lot to me. So, that tells me a lot about your practice.”
  • “Your reviews can either be something that solidifies the word of mouth referral that you have been given, and then makes calling you that much easier, or potentially if you don’ have a lot of reviews, it might lead them to look around and see what else is in the area.”

Dr. Kahng’s Dental Practice:

Orange + Magnolia Dental Studio