We sat down with Joshua Austin, DDS and asked him how he was able to grow his practice to over 270 reviews on Google and 60+ reviews on Yelp!

Some of the questions that we covered in this episode include:

  1. Dr. Austin, you have 270 reviews? How did you do it?
  2. What is the culture in your office in regards to reviews?
  3. Why are reviews important for dentists today?
  4. Are negative reviews that bad?
  5. How do you respond to a negative review?
  6. Is it true that the first 30 reviews are harder than the next 100, 200, 300 reviews?
  7. Yelp. There are so many dentists that have bad feelings towards Yelp. There are also a lot of rumors around Yelp mistreating businesses (which I have never seen proof of). It seems like most of the frustration comes from a lack of understanding around the topic of reviews.
  8. How has 200+ reviews impacted your business?
  9. If you were placed into a new practice with no reviews and no process for reviews how would you go about setting up a system and training staff?
  10. What’s more important quantity or quality of reviews?

Dr. Joshua Austin has his own dental practice in San Antonio, TX.

You can also hire him to come to speak at your upcoming event by visiting his website http://www.austindentalseminars.com.

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