On this episode, we interview the highest rated orthodontist in the country! Collins Orthodontics has nearly 700 Google-verified reviews from their patients. This puts them in the #1 spot on our list of The Top 10 Orthodontists in the country. We interview the Executive Assistant and Business Development Director of Collins Orthodontics, Lynn Royce. She has worked at Collins Orthodontics for the past year and a half, and she shares how Dr. Collins focus on the patient experience has turned their office into the highest-rated orthodontist in the country.

Questions Asked on this Episode:

  1. Tell me about the Collins Orthodontics, the staff, and your culture.
  2. What did you do prior to Collin’s Orthodontics, and what is your role there?
  3. It seems like Dr. Collins has done a really good job surrounding himself with really great people, how is he able to do that?
  4. Why are reviews important for dentists today?
  5. How did you guys grow your reviews to nearly 700 reviews?
  6. Do you guys make mistakes? How do you deal with them?
  7. Do you guys use any software to assist with getting reviews?
  8. Is a lot more to succeeding in this space than just purchasing the right software?
  9. How have reviews impacted your business? At what point (in qty of reviews) did you start noticing an impact from reviews?
  10. Where else do you send patients to leave you reviews besides Google? Yelp, Facebook, anything else?

About Lynn

Lynn is the Business Development Specialist & Executive Assistant for Collins OrthodonticsLynn previously worked as the director of operations for a property management company, and while she never imagined she would find herself working in orthodontics she has found it very enjoyable.

From Lynn’s Bio:

“Early on in my career, I was given the advice too “surround yourself with people smarter than you.” And proof that I have done just that is Lynn! As our Business Development Specialist & Executive Assistant, this girl uses her incredibly sharp attention to detail to make sure Collins Orthodontics is constantly pushing to operate at the highest level for our patients and team. In fact, Lynn is so detail-oriented that by the time she reads this, I’m certain she is still thinking about my incorrect use of “too” in the first sentence. 😉 In all seriousness, Lynn is an employer’s dream. She is incredibly hard-working, intelligent, punctual, compassionate, genuine, and fiercely loyal. Lynn is a hometown girl (Chatfield and Rochester), and when she isn’t making Collins Orthodontics a better place, you can find Lynn spending time with her family, boating, and working on various projects around the house! We know you will love Lynn as much as we do!

About Dr. Collins

From Dr. Collin’s Bio:

“When Dr. C was a 7-year old little boy, he opened a lemonade stand in his parents’ front yard in order to help people “beat the heat.” Every Sunday, neighborhood families would come out to have a taste of the sweet concoction, with the number of customers doubling every week. What was lil’ Dr. C’s secret (besides using tons of sugar)? He greeted every single person who stopped by the stand with a handshake and said: “thank you for coming.” Fast-forward to present day, and Dr. C now is the owner of a much bigger lemonade stand, in which he calls “Collins Orthodontics.” After 11 years of post-high school training to become an orthodontist, Dr. C says the most important part of his job remains the exact same as when he was seven years old – kindness to everyone he meets. Dr. C has the best job in the world, and he is blessed by having an incredibly talented team, a loving family, and strong faith. Aside from being happily married and spending time with his sons, Dr. C also enjoys art, playing guitar, coaching the girls’ varsity soccer team at Mayo High School, and volunteering for community service projects. And yes…he now knows that too much sugar in lemonade is bad for your teeth :)”


Contact Lynn via email: lynn@rochesterorthodontics.com
Contact Dr. Collins on Instagram: @thebracesguy