Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

We are sad to see you go, but we are confident that our paths will cross again.

Terms of cancellation may be unique to the contract you signed when you first started your Boolean Review account. If you have questions about your contract, you can reach out to or you can refer back to the contract that was emailed to your account owner by your sales rep.

Before you make your final decision to close your account, we ask you to please consider the following:

Cancellation FAQ

I still have time remaining on my contract, can I opt out early?

If there was an early opt-out included in the contract you signed, we will close out your account according to those terms.

If your business or practice is no longer operational, we can dissolve the contract.

We signed up at a tradeshow, we don’t have a contract, do we?

All customers who sign up at tradeshows agree to the terms and conditions on our sign up form. You can view the form you filled out here.

We are too busy to send out Boolean invitations, can we cancel?

We have built integrations with many 3rd party systems that can automatically send invitations to your customers, we may have one that works for you. Just reach out to with the name of your transactional software, and we can let you know if we have an integration for you.

My team doesn’t know how to send out Boolean invitations, can we cancel?

We are willing to offer additional training and consultations to your team at no additional cost.