On this episode, we are talking about Boise Family Dental Care. They are a general dentist in Boise, Idaho. Today, I have the privilege of interviewing their office manager, Kristal Varela. Kristal first started out as Dr. Steve Crump’s dental assistant 11 years ago, and then worked her way up to the front and eventually Office Manager. The practice that Dr. Crump purchased was your typical “old school” dental practice, they were not digital in any way, and they were basically non-existent online. Kristal is here to talk about their journey in growing the number of online reviews.

Boise Family Dental Care

Questions Asked On This Episode

  1. Tell me about before and after Boolean, and why you decided to sign up to begin with.
  2. How many patients do you guys see per week?
  3. How has having 150+ reviews impacted your practice?
  4. You went from 38 Google Reviews to about 115 in less than 8 weeks. How did you do it?
  5. What advice do you have for offices struggling to get their staff involved?
  6. How critical do you think it is to actually ask the patient for a review face to face versus not mentioning anything and just sending them a link to review?
  7. What is the culture in your office in regards to reviews?
  8. Why are reviews important for dentists today?
  9. How do you deal with negative reviews?
  10. How exactly do you recommend asking or talking to patients about reviews?
  11. Who is responsible for asking the patient for feedback?
  12. How often do you guys talk about reviews as a staff, is it mentioned at every staff meeting?
  13. Do you have any incentives for staff to encourage them to follow-up with patients?

Contact Kristal

Visit their website: https://www.boisedentist.com