Your Primary Image

Doug Taylor, Marketing Director

Often times, oral surgeons come to us thinking they just need a logo. Or just a website. Or just some new photos for their social media. Of course, all these things are important. Forming a solid, professional brand identity will go a long way. But your website, logos, and photos aren’t the first impression (the “primary image”), not for the people that you need to reach.

Your branding is the secondary motivator for people that already have been exposed to you.

Here’s the situation: someone is handed a referral card at the dentist. On the card they see the name of your practice, your website, etc. Then they look you up. They visit your site, see your pictures, maybe check your social media as well. If you’ve put effort into your brand, they’re impressed. Now, they can be confident your practice provides quality service, and they’re more likely to be satisfied with their experience.

In this situation, having a solid brand helped you.

But a solid brand didn’t get your name in front of them in the first place.

Growing Your Primary Image

If you want to grow your practice in the fastest way possible, you can’t just focus on the content people come across after they’ve already heard of you. You have to get your name in front of people who otherwise wouldn’t know you exist.

Now picture this situation: someone knows they need extensive oral surgery. Maybe they haven’t been given a referral, or maybe they’re given a referral  to someone else. This is a big investment. So, they search “oral surgeon near me,” and they’ll see who comes up at the top. They’ll check Google reviews and Yelp rankings. Their first impression of your practice (if they see you at all) comes down to two things: how far up do you rank in a Google search, and how many quality reviews do you have?

This is your primary image, and having a strong one is more important than anything else for growing your practice. You need to ensure that your primary image is the best in your area, or else you concede to your competition a vast pool of potential patients.

You might have the most beautiful website ever built, but if it sits on the second page of a Google search, your investment is practically worthless. Similarly, if you don’t have enough Google reviews, the uninitiated aren’t going to give you the time of day.

How To Do It

Here’s some places to start:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your patients for reviews.
  • Invest in your SEO.
  • Advertise on Google or Facebook.
  • Become active in your community. Sponsor events, sports teams, charities, etc.


Remember, you can only grow your practice by reaching more people. It sounds simple—and it is—but it’s an important segment of your marketing that’s inexpensive and incredibly effective.

For more information on the importance of Google reviews and our solutions for it, check out our recent report The Double-Edged Sword of Google Reviews.