For Boolean, reviews are personal.

You work hard for your company culture. So show off that personality to your prospective customers online.
Boolean is the best solution for home service businesses.

Boolean makes it easy

Send requests

Send requests for customer reviews with a customized message from your team.

Names and photos

Include the names and photos of staff that completed the project.

Authentic feedback

Get awesome and authentic feedback that gives shoutouts to your team members.

The results?

Greater conversion from
your review requests.

While most review requests yield about 5-12% conversion, we yield closer to 25-40%! People don’t like to respond to bots.
They respond to other people.

More personal reviews
representing you online.

The reviews you receive will be more personal and meaningful, because you put their crew’s names and photos in the request.
Your customers will easily give better feedback.

Improved SEO, customer rapport,
and trust in your team.

After potential customers see your meaningful reviews online, they will feel better about having your team entering their home or work space.

Find out how we can help you stand out

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