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It’s time to take your reviews

to the moon.

Boolean is the most personalized and effective, fully-automated review system for small businesses. 

Boolean is more than a tool to get more reviews, it is a business improvement framework.

The Boolean Review System™ is a methodology that allows you to improve the entire customer experience through positive reinforcement of your staff. As reviews come in, we give you the tools and the insights to focus on maximizing the strengths of your business that ultimately have a massive impact on your bottomline. And the best part is, your staff actually enjoys it!

The “100 Reviews” Club

At Boolean, we want to acknowledge the businesses all over the country that are in the top 1% of highly rated offices based on verified customer reviews on Google. Once you reach 100 or more reviews, you are in this elite group of highly-rated professionals. The Boolean Review System™ was developed by interviewing the highest-rated small businesses in the country. After only two short years, we have proven that our methodology works again, and again, and again. Take a look at some of the success stories.


Quantity Matters.

It’s no secret. Online reviews are driving the decisions consumers make every day. Consumers no longer trust the opinion of a single person or authority. We purchase based on quantity and quality of reviews. Having a handful of 5-star ratings is not as beneficial as having hundreds of reviews with a 4.7 average rating. Quantity of reviews speaks louder than any individual person’s opinion.

Empower your business by empowering your customers.

We live in an automated world, and consumers are crowd-sourcing recommendations and referrals. With Boolean, you not only generate customer reviews on the platforms that matter, you also prepare your business for the future.

Customers don’t leave reviews for one of three reasons:

  • They haven’t been asked.
  • They don’t know how.
  • It will take too long.

solves all three.

Read the new study on why Google reviews matter:

The double edged sword of Google Reviews - Boolean

The Most Streamlined ReviewSolution.

Other customer review solutions are yielding 10-15% conversion with automated customer reviews request. Our system? 40%!

“88% of the consumers trust online recommendations as much as in-person referrals.”

– Search Engine Land

“88% of the consumers trust online recommendations as much as in-person referrals.”

– Search Engine Land

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