If you are a home-service business operating with multiple crews, this is for you.
Our method helps you dominate your local market and ensures you show up on every search your potential customers make.

Want some proof?

Averaging 25 new Google reviews every week!

Young Electric is able to earn 25 new reviews weekly, on average, sending out about 120 requests; they demonstrate Boolean’s 20% conversion rate (some clients are seeing as high as 30-37% conversion rate).

From 4.6 to 4.9 stars after only two months!

Shark Concrete Coatings is one of the largest installers of residential concrete coatings in the entire country, and they raised their average star rating to a 4.9 and ADDED over 200 reviews after just 6 months of using our system to flood their listing with positive reviews.

From 60 to 860+ reviews!

Webfoot Painting is now the highest rated painting company in the country after using our system for just two years. In addition they also have 5 separate google listings for their concrete coatings division and collectively have acquired over 1,000 reviews in less than 18 months!

Boolean makes it easy.

Easy Setup

We do all of the heavy lifting to integrate with your CRM without disrupting your processes.

Personalization on Autopilot

On average, 20% of customers leave reviews when our tested system sends them requests.

Powerful Results

Get a huge boost in your local ranking, while capturing reviews with great stories.

The benefits?

Greater conversion from
your review requests.

While most software-generated requests get a 5% return, and manually-generated requests get 10%, our method yields 20-30%!

Better reviews = more closed contracts.

Your boost in reviews is going to help potential customers see what they will get with you before they even give you a call. That means you will have better Sales Qualified Leads reach out to you, and waste less time.

Become the dominant player in your market.

When someone in your area searches for your service, we want YOU to come up every time. Right now, your Google My Business listing is the most valuable piece of SEO you have. Make it work for you with a high quantity of happy reviews and happy fans.

How does the method work?

Our system connects to your CRM so the review requests are entirely automated – but feel personalized.

We send proven review requests to your customers with crew member information and a personalized photo. This helps ensure 20% of your customers (on average) respond positively with a review.

In just a few months, you become the highest reviewed company in your market, rank better on Google, and get more customers and sales.

Find out how to become the highest rated in your industry.

We want you to drive your business into the top 10 ranking in the nation for your industry! We can help you grow your online presence to rival anyone else in your industry.

Take your online reputation to the next level

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